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Interview of Gilles Bontemps from the company Global Marine Software in Paris


Which equipment is the most adapted to Adrena Software? 

The choice of a navigation software is not that easy considering the wide range available on the market and the numerous functionalities provided by these applications.


Step 1: What are the client's needs?

First step is to determine with the functional needs of the customer depending on the way to use the navigation software and the onboard computer:

- use of onboard electronics or not,

- occasional or intense use,

- type of navigation : sportive, racing or cruising,

- use of the equipment inside, outside or both…

Once the functional needs are established, I try to find to my clients a modular solution that will allow them to proceed to future evolutions. 

Thanks to a progressive offer with different ranges, Adrena meets the different need and specifications of the sailors: possibility to upgrade to the upper range very easily, compatibility with almost all of the onboard electronic equipment of the market, cruising navigation with you family as well as occasional to professional racing.


Step 2: How to choose your PC?

Second step is to choose the most suitable type of PC depending on the navigation program.

If the navigator is using a navigation software occasionally and mainly in summer, I usually recommend a standard PC.

If navigation conditions are more complex or difficult (humidity, frequent use…), I recommend a desktop PC with Fanless system. This is a very reliable solution at a moderate price.

For professional navigators, the best is to use equipment completely protected from marine environment - water, dust, impacts and vibrations. The most frequent brands are Panasonic and Getac.

It is always difficult to choose between desktop and laptop PCs. The advantage of the laptop PC is that you can take it home in order to prepare your navigation in advance before setting sail.

However, thanks to the dongle system, Adrena allows the navigator to use the software on different PCs as long as they are not used at the same time. This solution gives the possibility to use a desktop PC onboard and a laptop at home.

The advantage of a desktop PC onboard is that it is only dedicated to navigation. It prevents the user from downloading software or applications that have nothing to do with navigation which lowers the PC performance.

A lot of navigators choose to run a tablet in the cockpit and control a navigation computer down below using a remote desktop application like Splashtop. Thanks to the wi-fi and this small application very easy to set up, the tablet is directly connected to the navigation computer on which Adrena is installed and can be used as a repeater.

Step 3: How to install Adrena software?

The procedure described on the installation manual provided with the installation CD are very clear and easy to follow (Installation manual available here). The installation of the software is quite fast regardless the type of PC - desktop or laptop.

Setting up a computer and navigation software often involves some other significant changes like setting up a satellite phone or a NMEA multiplexer. The installation of a PC onboard can thus be very different from a user to another, unless if the navigator uses an autonomous PC with a USB GPS which can be sometimes sufficient

Connecting the computer to the instruments can take from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the availability of cables and equipment…

To conclude, if you want to buy a navigation software and a computer, having a discussion with your reseller is necessary in order to identify your own needs and specificities linked to the material already on your boat. The other option is to use an autonomous PC that will let you optimize your routes in terms of safety, performance and comfort without any connections with your boat.

 To learn more about Global Marine Software : www.globalmarinesoftware.com


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