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100% of Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe & Barcelona World Race...

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015:

Team SCA (Sam Davies & Libby Greenhalgh), Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Ian Walker & Simon Fisher), Dongfeng Race Team (Charles Caudrelier & Pascal Bidegorry), Team Brunel (Bouwe Bekking & Andrew Cape), Team Alvimedica (Charlie Enright & Will Oxley), Mapfre (Xabi Fernandez & Jean-Luc Nelias), Team Vestas Wind (Chris Nicholson).

Vendee Globe:

Armel Le Cleac'h, François Gabart, Javier Sanso, Alessandro Di Benedetto, Mike Golding, Samantha Davies, Jean-Pierre Dick, Morgan Lagravière, Sébastien Josse, Jérémie Beyou, Yann Eliès, Paul Meilhat...

Barcelona World Race:

Cheminées Poujoulat (Bernard Stamm / Jean Le Cam), Neutrogena (Guillermo Altadill / José Muñoz), GAES Centros Auditivos (Anna Corbella / Gerard Marín), We Are Water (Bruno & Willy Garcia), Renault Captur (Jörg Riechers / Sébastien Audigane), Spirit of Hungary (Nandor Fa / Conrad Colman), Hugo Boss (Alex Thomson / Pepe Ribes).

Olympic Team:

France / The Netherlands.


Pleomax (Harm Prins), Inis Mor (Bernard & Laurent Gouy), Wasabi (Vincent Willemart), Courrier Vintage (M de Saint Denis & G Trentesaux), Leon (Jean-Pierre Kelbert), Foggy Dew (Noël Racine), Naos 30 (Charles-Etienne Devanneaux).


Berenice Bis (Marco Rodolfi), Ryokan 2 (Philippe Ligier), Hetairos (O. Happel), Genie, Near Miss, Lupa of London (Mikkel Vestargaard)


Paprec Recyclage (Jean-Luc Petithuguenin & Stephane Neve) / Azzura (Pablo Roemmers & Bruno Zirilli)

Classic boat:

Persephone (Yves Lambert), Gweneven (Oran Nataf)


Sodebo (Thomas Coville), Prince de Bretagne (Lionel Lemonchois), Spindrift Racing (Dona Bertarelli & Yann Guichard), Macif (François Gabart), Banque Populaire (Armel Le Cléac’h), Race for Water (Stève Ravussin), Phaedo 3 (Lloyd Thornburg & Miles Seddon), Lending Club 2 (Renaud Laplanche & Ryan Breymaier)


Artemis Offshore Academy (Andrew Baker, Rob Bunce, Robin Elsey, Sam Matson, Henry Bomby), Jackson Bouttell, Alain Gautier, Gildas Morvan, Adrien Hardy, Alan Roberts, Nick Cherry, Sam Goodchild, Charlie Dalin, Corentin Horeau, Anthony Marchand

Class 40: 

Yannick Bestaven, Gérald Bibot, Mathias Blumencron, Ned Collier Wakefield, Kito De Pavant, Joe Harris, Conrad Humphreys, Michel Kleinjans, Pierre-Yves Lautrou, Philippa Hutton-Squire, Tony Lawson, Burkhard KEESE, Bruno Jourdren, Halvard Mabire, Miranda Merron, Alex Pella, Giancarlo Pedote, Damien Seguin, Gonzalo Botin, Jean Galfione, Thibaut Vauchel-Camus…

Mini 6.50:

Jonas Gerckens, Andrea Pendibene, Nikki Curwen, Lizzy Foreman, Simon Brunisholz, Thomas Guichard, Simon Koster, Jaanus Tamme, Damien Cloarec,…

Multi 50:

FenetreA-Cardinal (Erwan Le Roux), Actual (Yves Le Blevec), Maitre Jacques (Loic Fequet), Royan (Alain Delhumeau), Arkema region Aquitaine (Lalou Roucayrol), Rennes Métropole St Malo Agglomération (Gilles Lamiré)

Others users:

Comanche (Ken Read & Stan Honey), Maserati (Giovanni Soldini & Boris Herrmann), Mousetrap (Vincent Fauquenoy), Mach 2 (Raphael Blot), SFS (Lionel Péan), Music (James Blakemore), Loick Peyron, Tom Addis, Nick Leggatt, The Hydroptere...



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  • Your navigations database: the tracks


    Correct and save them to create an efficient polar diagram! While navigating, Adrena records data coming from the CPU, the GPS and the AIS in the "tracks" files.

  • Weather Route Planner by Michel Meulnet (Searout’)


    A route planner finds and indicates the sailors the best route to follow in terms of speed and/or safety by taking into account weather conditions and data.

  • A lot of new features released by Adrena


    now be ready to make the most of it! Last December, Adrena presents the last new version (Version 13) with a lot of new functionalities. Now, sea-trials follow one another and competitions begin, so it's your move…

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