Novelty: ADRENA and NKE joins for more offshore safety(security)


The function(office) of ADRENA, called MOPED (Man Over Board), organized in the version 6 of the software grows rich today. The novelty: the interface automatic with the device finalized(worked out) by NKE in 2002, consisted of a receiver on the boat and broadcasting stations(issuers) which carry(wear) the team members. He allows to spare time, to locate(localize) more exactly the castaway and so increase the efficiency of the system.

Function(Office) « MOPED »: how does it work?

In case of fall in the sea of a team member, the reception is cut between the transmitter(issuer) and the receiver. It activates(starts) at once the function(office) MOPED on the software ADRENA. At this moment there, he(it) creates a waypoint on the mapping(cartography), one  » MOPED « . He(it) gives then continuously the course(cape) and the distance to join the man in the sea. The estimated(esteemed) drift is also posted(shown) according to the searches(researches).