Range First, Cruising and Occasional Racing

First Range offers to anyone the Adrena’s racing expertise with a simplified release easy to install and to use.

It is aimed at cruising enthusiasts and navigators who like to take part in occasional racing. With its integrated cartography and its pre-settings, AdrenaFirst is a unique “ready to sail” pack. Once the software is installed, connect your dongle and enter Adrena universe!


range first


Two configurations are available in the Range First:

AdrenaFirst a good navigation in simple form

This is a secure software solution, comprehensive and effective. In addition to traditional navigation functions, AdrenaFirst includes a ‘Racing’ module. The tool creates polar diagrams of boat speed and many functions to increase safety at sea: MOB, AIS and alarms. It also enables the calibration of instruments (wind vane, compass and speedo), the display of GRIB files, currents and waves… 

AdrenaFirst Offshore, the best for everyone

AdrenaFirst Offshore adds to the AdrenaFirst configuration a routing calculation module. This is a powerful tool for route planning based on weather forecast and boat speed polars. It provides powerful information for offshore sailing. Based on Adrena’s latest innovations in offshore navigation software and on isochronous calculations, it is high precision!





Adrena Fares

Adrena software main functions table available here.