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ADRENA is a company specialized in navigation software and performance analysis. Located near Nantes in France, Adrena provides a complete and evolutive range of products to the world of sailing. With its software Octopus, First, Standard and Pro, Adrena is designed to address both yachtsmen and high-level sailors needs.

In 2003, ADRENA launches its first software Optima (now Optima Pro), which is still today the only one able to generate real speed polars and performance studies from water records..

In 2006, Adrena software includes the Sailect function. Developed in collaboration with North Sails France, it allows the navigator to cartography and analyze the sails ranges.

Adrena complete offer includes a powerful routing calculation module which contributes to the reputation of the company.

Adrena assists skippers along their navigation and provides tactical decision-making tools adapted to their needs: GRIB weather files loading, performance analysis, routing, etc. As well as various functions related to safety (MOB, AIS or alarms) in order to guarantee secure navigations to any level of sailing – cruising and high-level regatta alike.

"leader in software for regatta sailing and ocean racing"

A recognised Know-How

Passionate, accessible and efficient, Adrena team places huge importance on customer satisfaction. Thanks to a recognized know-how, Adrena became in a few years the French market leader in software for regatta sailing and ocean racing. The company now supplies 100% of Vendée Globe and Volvo Ocean Race skippers and has never stopped developing and perfecting its products.

In 2014, ADRENA decided to diversify its activities by using its expertise in routing optimization and performance analysis in order to enter on a new market. The company created AdrenaShip, a navigation software aimed at shipping (freighter, ferry, tanker, LNG, fishing boat, Offshore operations, cruiser, Super Yacht, etc.).

The objective of the software is to optimize the route and the speed of the ship in order to manage fuel consumption, operating cost and ETA while ensuring secure navigation.
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In 2018, ADRENA innovated again and decided to open up to the cruising market. The company released Octopus, a software dedicated to leisure and voyage. Benefiting from Adrena expertise, it is aimed at cruising enthusiasts looking for a tool especially developed for their needs. Powerful and intuitive, Octopus provides multiple functions for comfort and optimum safety along the voyage such as routing calculation – with the possibility to analyze all routes from the fastest to the safest or the most economical – a mooring assistance graphic module and an assistance for speed polars and sails usage charts creation (Sailects). Multiple functions linked to safety such as MOB, AIS and alarms are also included in the software.

Adrena keeps moving forward excellence thanks to a specialization in three different fields: ocean racing, shipping and leisure cruising. Every day, we offer our know-how to our clients in order to provide them with software tools in line with their ambitions.


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