Personalized training session to meet your own specific needs

Whatever your level of use is, training sessions will help you getting the most of your software according to your own navigation program. 

For one or several people?

You can attend the training session with one or several persons of your choice.

However the number of persons is limited in order to guarantee efficiency.

Remotely or at our office?

With a high speed internet connection, the trainer takes control of your computer remotely and communicate with you by phone. Thus you can follow the trainer’s explanations and manipulations directly on your screen.

Trainings can also be held at our office:

ADRENA: 183, route de Clisson - 44230 Saint Sebastien Sur Loire - France.


A session lasts 3h and costs 250€ (VAT taxes excl.)

The training session is adapted to your targets and your own navigation program to go deeper into some specific aspects.

We are at your disposal for any further information you may need regarding our trainings.

Please contact us using the contact form or by email: