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a complete offer to satisfy the amateur and cruising enthusiast through to professional teams alike

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Cruising & Voyage

OCTOPUS navigation software is designed to answer the specific needs of cruising navigators.

ADRENA condensed all its expertise to develop OCTOPUS, a navigation software dedicated to offshore cruising. OCTOPUS software helps the sailors to anticipate their navigation serenely to ensure optimum comfort and safety along their voyage.

OCTOPUS allows the navigators to customize the routing calculation according to their preferences: speed, comfort, security and so on. It provides a graphic mooring assistance as well as speed polar diagrams and sails usage charts wizards. Multiple features linked to safety such as MOB, AIS and alarms are also provided.


Regatta & Offshore Racing

Discover Adrena First, Standard and Pro: a progressive offer to satisfy yachtsmen, occasional racers and high-level sailors.

ADRENA FIRST is aimed at cruising enthusiasts and occasional racers looking for a simplified version of Adrena Standard. A straightforward and easy-to-use piece of software.

ADRENA STANDARD is aimed at navigators and keen racers looking for powerful tools. It offers multiple features to optimize decision-making process.

ADRENA PRO is designed for professional navigators looking for a top quality solution. It gathers all Adrena expertise to provide the most sophisticated features and to fit high-level sailors requirements.

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