Video tutorials

All the boats connected to an AIS transceiver are displayed in Adrena and can be tracked in order to receive a constant real time update of their heading and speed as well as the distance from your own boat. Explanation of the function and users' opinion.

Yannig Troël from the company Pochon talks about onboard computing for offshore sailing: how to choose your PC, onboard communication tools, routing with ADRENA navigation software and security equipment.

In this tutorial, Benoit Marsille from Rom-Arrangé explain us how to connect your performance instruments to Adrena by serial port and by wifi.

The « pivot » function is used on a routing in order to change the trajectory initially calculated by the software. Already integrated in Adrena Standard and Adrena Pro, the function is useful for adapting a routing according to the weather forecasts, for avoiding obstacles along the route (routing too close to a coast or crossing a TSS for example) but also for saving fuel by avoiding or minimizing the use of the motor in the case of a dual routing.

During a race, this function enables to integrate the boat’s tracking of the race’s management in ADRENA. The tracking is given by beacons installed on each racing boats. They transmit a position at regular intervals. To get the competitors’ position, just load the position file (by email or by logging on the FTP server) and open it in the navigation software. This function helps the navigator to build a strategy as well as to calculate sharp ETA.

Thanks to this tutorial, you are going to discover a new function of ADRENA Version 12: GRIB files request by email. Satellite phones rate being limited at sea, it is easier to make a GRIB files request by email. To do so, 2 tools are available: - A free service with Saildoc server - A user-pay service with Greatcircle server that is available for Standard and Pro versions. In ADRENA, on the toolbar, you can choose the data to be included in the file (wind, pressure, temperature, sea, currents), the GRIB step, the geographical area and the duration. Once you receive an email with the GRIB file attached, all you need to do is to import it directly into ADRENA.

This tutorial presents the tools to prepare your cruise with AdrenaFirst by making a routing on a crossing from Antibes to southern Corsica.

This tutorial presents one routing function in ADRENA: the Multi Gribs scanning. It enables to compare calculated routes thanks to different Grib models. One of the objectives of the function is to validate the reliability of the predictions. Here is the example of the Bermuda Race.

This tutorial is going to explain the procedure to create real speed polars with ADRENA Navigation Software. The calculation process is divided into three steps: - Load the tracks - Calculate and adjust the curves - Record and activate speed polars This speed polar is going to be used in the navigation software in order to display laylines, numerical data linked to performance but also to create routing.

ADRENA Navigation Software provides many functions related to security at sea to ensure safer navigations: MOB "Man Overboard", AIS, Alarms. The use of these functions offer optimum safety conditions at mooring and at sea.

Benoit Marsille from ROM-arrange explains how to install an on-deck screen on a tablet. How to get the data provided by the navigation software when we are on the deck? On deck screens are the solution for navigators to associate routing performance and mobility on their boats. An iPad or Android tablet can work as on-deck screens. Thanks to WIFI touchpad screens, it is possible to duplicate the screen of the computer and thus to drive the computer remotely.