Regatta & Offshore Racing

Our Regatta and Offshore Racing software offer


Adrena First

The ADRENA expertise for regatta and weather routing condensed in a "ready-to-sail" package for cruising and racing. In addition to the usual navigation functions, a racing module is included as well as a powerful routing module based on weather data and boat speed polars.

Adrena First

Navigation & Regular Racing

Adrena standard

Top ranked on the market, Adrena Standard is a usefool tool for navigators looking for route optimization and performance analysis. It offers greater precision and highly accurate weather routing. Thanks to Adrena Standard, decision making process becomes much easier when racing.

Pack adrena standard

High-Level Racing

Adrena Pro

All the know-how of ADRENA.

Whether you are racing inshore or around the world, Adrena Pro gathers the most advanced features to answer every possible requirement: navigation preparation, optimization, as well as performance analysis.

Pack adrena pro



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