Our products : Adrena Standard items

Adrena Standard – Software for Inshore & Offshore Racing  It is aimed at navigators and keen racers who want to access to powerful research tools.  Adrena is the reference for racing navigation software. It has been developed since 2003 with the collaboration of the best navigators. Adrena is a high-performance software adding to the classic functions of help in navigation and cartography a specific design for racing. It offers multiple features for greater precision and highly accurate routing. In racing, Adrena makes the decision making process much easier. Adrena Mini Standard package is a configuration designed for boats without on-board instruments such as Mini 6.50 and Olympic classes: the package includes Adrena Standard “OFF Version” (not connectable to the navigation instruments) as well as a Mini Logger, an electronic box that allows to record data while navigating in order to analyze them with Adrena software after the navigations.