9 – How to integrate software on board ?

We are often asked for computing and electronic advices on Adrena. Soft on board environment explanation.

table-carteWhat are the PC solutions for ADRENA software

First of all, it is important your PC has the configuration required by the software :

  • Supported operating systems Windows VISTA, Seven, 8 (except RT) or 10.
  • Screen 1024X768 minimum.
  • NMEA 0183 connection via port COM or UDP
  • Dedicated USB slot for the dongle
  • CD reader for software installation
  • DVD reader for C-Map charts installation
  • Dedicated graphic memory : 256 Mo min

OptimaPro :

  • CPU 1.5GHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • Hard Disk 2GB of free memory


First Range :

  • CPU 1.5GHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • Hard Disk 2 GB of free memory


Standard Range :

  • CPU 2GHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • Hard Disk 2.5 GB of free memory


Pro Range :

  • CPU 2GHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • Hard Disk 4GB of free memory

tablet-PC You can use a basic desk laptop (if it is placed in a dry clean area) up to specific computers for marine environment use (especially for offshore racing or wet boats). According to the configurations required by ADRENA’s software, the netbooks, which are increasingly common, can be used as well. You can also get a suitable solution for PC tablets with tactile screens. Netbooks and PC tablets are also useful as they can be easily moved in the cabin. (i.e paragraph below for outside solutions).

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How Adrena software get the information from the navigation instruments and GPS ?

You need navigation instruments with NMEA interface in order to connect Adrena with your on-board instruments. Then, you have to install a RS232 connection from the exit of the navigation instruments to the PC, thanks to a RS232 output. If you don’t have a RS232 input on your computer, you can use basic or multiple converters to switch from RS232 to USB port.

Likewise, if you have several NMEA sources, you can use a multiplexer. It will bring together the NMEA sources from various navigation instruments in just one flow. This flow of information will be transmitted to your PC thanks to a RS232 output or USB port. The multiplexer can be connected to maximum 4 instruments. Please find below more information on connection diagrams :


How to get Adrena software’s data on deckt?

Tacktick-MicronetIt can be very useful to have an easy access to Adrena software’sdata on the deck, during starts or races for instance. Otherwise you need to have someone stay inside or regularly go down and check data during tactic moments. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, you have several solutions, depending of the money you can spend on it, and also the equipment you already have.If you have a gyrophraphic billboard NKE or a Tacktick Micronet, you can display a part of the software’s information directly on your instruments thanks to Adrena module of information feedback.If you don’t have that kind of equipment, you can choose whether waterproof on-deck screens (remote display) (wired or not), whether an office screen in a waterproof cover, hung in the way-down, which can be an intermediary and economical solution. The last solutions are the netbooks and the PC tablets. But you have to be careful about waterproofness and quality issues in order to make information open to each member of the crew. For the outside, don’t forget to pay attention to two very important issues: waterproofness and luminosity.Other solutions might be possible according to your own situation, your specific needs, your equipment and your boat. Please don’t hesitate to contact our retailers to learn more about it and find the best solution for you.