10- What can I do if the message “no dongle” appears whereas my dongle is plugged in ?

Check if your dongle is correctly plugged in a USB port of your PC and powered (red or green light on).

If your dongle is plugged in a hub (multi USB port adaptor) or in a USB extension, unplug it and try to connect it directly on a USB port of the PC. Launch Adrena again by clicking on “restart” button.

If it still doesn’t work, launch Adrena in “demo” mode by clicking on the corresponding button. Use menu “Tools > Reinstall the dongle’s drivers”.

FAQ11 ReinstallDongle

Follow the dongle reinstallation procedure as indicated on your screen. Unplug your dongle, wait during the reinstallation and when you are asked to, plug it again. Close Adrena and restart your PC.

If the problem persists, please contact the technical support :