11- Which tablet for Adrena?

With the launch of Windows 8 in 2012, more and more tablets and hybrid PC with touch screen appeared. Thanks to this operating system, it is possible to install Adrena directly on the tablet without the use of duplicated screen.

Use on Windows tablets

All ADRENA navigation software can be installed on touch tablets running under Windows 8 (except RT), seven or 10. Since Version 10, a ‘tablet’ mode has improved user-friendliness and ergonomics of the software.

Example : Samsung Ativ Smart PC


And with an iPad or Android ?

Adrena cannot be directly installed on this type of tablets, however their use is frequent in navigation as duplicated screen.

In the same way as CPU repeaters, an iPad or Android tablet can reproduce from the cockpit the screen of the PC let on the chart table on which Adrena is running. Directly linked via WiFi, the PC and the tablet communicate thanks to an application like Splashtop or VNC. Watch the video explaining how it works.