5 – What is the difference between Adrena and AdrenaPro?

The main difference concern the advanced functions you find in AdrenaPro, aimed for confirmed users.

Adrena provides all the navigation functions as well for coastal racing as for windward/leeward loops. You will be able to display Grib files, numeric or graphic data. The track replay function is available as well as the competitor follow up. Please note that this last function is available for free on the demo version. You can also find the alarms and the calibration function and also the screen capture, the roadbooks and the track coloration.

To use AdrenaPro, first of all you should have Adrena.

AdrenaPro is going to include the transition phases during prestart, to provide more data displayed around the cartography, to set in a more realistic way the prestart area. That is to say, it is a module designed for pure competitor around three buoys or racing coastal races.