ADRENA and the French Olympic Sailing Team

explained by Paul Iachkine (ENVSN)

ADRENA navigation software is used by the race course center of the French Olympic Sailing Team since 2009.

The Race Course Center:

It consists of coaches and scientists:

  • DUMORTIER Bertrand (manager), COTTIN Lionel, LANIER David, LE CASTREC François, MOURNIAC Philippe – French Sailing Association (FFV)
  • SIMON Bernard – West Brittany University
  • IACHKINE Paul – National School of Sailing and Water Sports

It has been set up to help the athletes to perform during the Olympic Games. It is a decision-making assistance.

Among others, it helps understanding the complex environment of the field of play, in particular in Rio: currents inside the Bay, swell outside and strong site effects because of hilly landscape.

 the field of play in Rio

 Currents inside the Bayswell outside

strong site effects

Its objectives are clear:

  • To understand the race course in its entirety – wind, current, sea state.
  • To identify the observables as well as appropriate tactics and techniques behaviors.
  • For each training and race day, to give weather forecast and current evolution with different possible scenarios.

It creates efficient and innovative tools to serve the athletes and the staff!

Why and how is the French Olympic Sailing Team using Adrena?

According to us, ADRENA is our swiss-army-knife software! Thanks to ADRENA navigation software, we can use all the data related to the race course analysis.

What is more, in accordance with our partnership, Adrena develops specific functions that fit our particular needs.


Adrena is used for many different purposes:

1/ Onboard the weather forecast boat, it records all the data and qualifies the different models or site effects

2/ In preparation:

  • To create speed polar diagrams from datalogger GPS and weather forecast boat data (this function was developed for the previous Olympic Games)
  • To generate Roadbooks (race areas…) that can be exported to Google Earth in order to share the information with the whole team.
  • To use a framework routing in order to quantify the impact of the current on the choice of the edge according to the wind directions, the race areas, the tide timing and obviously the type of boat.
Micro-routing on laylines:

3/ For the morning weather forecast:

  • Currents meteograms are given for each race area (this function has been developed for the Rio Olympics)
Currents meteograms
  • Georeferenced currents charts are generated every day to be used by the coach on his waterproof touchpad.

4/ In replay mode, it gives an overview of the track + various models (currents and site effects).

Following this description, the expression “swiss-army-knife software” makes more sense. Since May, Adrena navigation software is used almost every day in order to provide to the sailors the best information for a good navigation at the fantastic Games venue in Rio.

Rio 2016 – Olympic Games

Olympic Classes

Olympic Classes 

Schedule: August 2016

 Schedule: August 2016