Range Standard, Navigation and frequent racing

This is our reference range!

It includes a performing navigation software offering not only classic navigational functions and charting but also a huge racing customized data.


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Four configurations are available :

  • Adrena Inshore: Fully featured software combining the Adrena and Optima modules, this configuration creates a tool for highly efficient navigation. In addition to the most common functions of navigation and mapping, this program provides excellent supporting evidence for making informed tactical decisions (over 100 data points can be calculated). Thanks to Optima software, you also have access to accurate polar speed. This configuration meets the requirements of navigators for inshore racing and windward/leeward courses.
  • Adrena Offshore: Flagship configuration of ADRENA, Adrena Offshore includes the latest version of RoutingPro. It’s a complete tool for inshore and offshore racing. It is used by most ADRENA clients in IRC, FIGARO or IMOCA. Adrena Offshore helps the navigators making good decisions, whether they are racing around the cans or on a transatlantic passage. This is the ideal package for navigators who are working across a range of different types of courses.
  • Adrena MiniLogger: It’s an ideal configuration for any boat in which the electronics package is restricted, such as on a Mini 6.50. The Mini Logger is the “black box” of your boat, allowing you to record a large number of performance and navigation data which can be analyzed on shore with the OFF version of the Optima software for the creation of speed polars.
  • Adrena Mini Offshore: It includes a Mini Logger for recording NMEA stream and the OFF version of Adrena Offshore for analyzing data once on shore – polar calculation, route replay, debriefing and so on. The configuration also includes a routing module which enables you to create detailed weather route plans in advance.


The Adrena Range Standard Navigation Software offers a powerful tool that is seducing by its user friendly interface and by its data information quality.


Adrena Fares

Adrena software main functions table available here