ADRENA on tablet

The adaptation of ADRENA’s user interface in touch screen mode enable to use your navigation software in the best conditions, in the cockpit or at the chart table. You can access directly and easily to all the data computed by the software where ever you are on the boat.


Use on tablets

All the ADRENA navigation software can be directly installed on tablet PC running Windows system (except Windows 8 RT) and be used with touch screen mode. Those new touch screen tablets are real pcs, light, powerful, with enough battery for a day use. A simple wireless installation is needed to connect the tablet to the instruments on board.

Offering complete ports and connectivity, they guarantee a varied use and are compatible with most of the devices on the market.
Like this, well protected in a waterproof bag, your computer can easily be carried from the boat to home or brought to the harbourmaster office to download the next weather prediction in ADRENA.



Use as a remote screen

An Ipad or an Androïd tablet can be used as a remote screen with an ADRENA software running on a PC. Today, you can find on the market some WIFI touch screens that enables to duplicate your PC screen and this way, manage your computer by remote control. To do so, you only need to download a remote control software on your tablet and to connect it to the computer through a WIFI connection.




* Except Windows 8 RT