Adrena put to the test in extreme conditions : 10 polar days on the Commandant Charcot !

Adrena put to the test in extreme conditions: 10 polar days on the Commandant Charcot!

During an incredible 10-day expedition on board the Commandant Charcot, the Adrena team took on major challenges in the icy waters of Antarctica. Our mission? To fine-tune our Adrena Ship navigation software for safer, more efficient exploration. Let’s delve into the details of this polar adventure, which enabled Adrena Ship to demonstrate its robustness and precision in extreme conditions.

An intense and ambitious mission

During this period, we are committed to :

  • Develop an advanced ice data visualization module.
  • Implement precise modelling for navigation outside frozen zones.
  • Optimise routes for smooth, safe navigation.



Customised functions for specific environments

Adrena Ship’s ability to navigate accurately in icy waters represents a major step forward. Faced with the challenges and constraints of polar environments, our software offers in-depth analysis of ice conditions, taking into account factors such as ice quality, density and thickness.

In a version specifically adapted for Commandant Charcot at the request of Compagnie du Ponant, Adrena Ship compiles this information to guide the captain, guaranteeing safe navigation even in the most formidable zones of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Docking on pack ice: a tricky operation

One of the special features of cruise ships in icy waters is that they dock on pack ice.

Adrena Ship provides precise information on the density of the ice and identifies safe zones for docking on the pack ice in complete confidence.

The Commandant Charcot : more responsible exploration

The Commandant Charcot, the first hybrid electric polar exploration vessel powered by liquefied natural gas, embodies more responsible exploration. Equipped with a PC2 polar class hull, it can navigate between drifting ice floes in complete safety. Cutting-edge technologies enable it to reach remote areas while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Anecdotes from the trip and personal accounts

Testimony of Michel :

“No matter how much training you’ve had and how closely you’ve studied how ice works, there’s nothing like seeing its extraordinary complexity first-hand” – Michel

Testimony of Julien :

“It was an exceptional experience from every point of view. The fact that we were able to put concrete elements to the situations described by the crew enabled us to increase our knowledge of this particular type of sailing.

From a personal point of view, it was a privileged moment to discover these near-deserts and breathtaking landscapes”– Julien

An anecdote?

During our expedition, we were confronted with unexpected encounters with polar bears. Each day brought its own challenges and discoveries, strengthening our determination to continue our mission.


Our collaboration with Commandant Charcot is testament to Adrena’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of safe navigation, whatever your situation on the globe. This collaboration has enabled us to test and refine our Adrena Ship software to adapt to the most extreme conditions. It is Adrena’s commitment to offer our users the most reliable and efficient routing at sea.