Adrena Inshore

Besides the standard functions for navigation and mapping, it is an excellent tool for tactical decision making (capable of calculating more than 100 data).

Thanks to its unique ergonomy, Adrena Navigation Software displays accurate data for each course phase with no user intervention on computer.

During prestart
, it displays the line, gives its advantage, time to reach it or to change side…

During the race, the data are adjusted regarding the course phase running : target speed, target VMG, polar efficiency, downwind target angle, next leg prediction…


In addition to the racing functions, it also offers many other functions:

AdrenaFirst & Optima functions
Touch screen mode




  • Management of the start, windward/leeward and coastal courses
  • Monitoring of competitors
  • Calculation of corrected time IRC / HN
  • Integration of the current with laylines and time to the marks.
  • Safe Starting Area


Performance Analysis 

  • Graphs of data: histograms
  • Replay function
  • Best performance within 24hrs


adrena tracking ais




More information about Adrena Inshore & table functions