Adrena styles out in Carbon for 2017

Year after year, Adrena improves its software to meet all of the navigators’ needs.

In 2017, Adrena is presenting a revolutionary version.


ADRENA Carbon Edition:

brand new look and ergonomics!


Adrena has created a more efficient and performant version for its users. The Carbon Edition makes the use of the software easier while improving its fluidity. Among all of the new features, we can find:

  • A new interface design

Adaptable to various equipments (tablets, computers…), the Carbon Edition allows the users to set up a modular interface. It can be customized thanks to several themes available and it also uses a new display engine that creates an impressive fluidity.

  • An easier and faster navigation

Its tabbed ribbon menu makes the use of Adrena more fluid. In the new version, finding the needed tools becomes even easier. The display is divided in different tabs that can be separated or gathered together according to the user’s preferences. Screen sharing is now possible, which can be very helpful when several screens are used or in order to display more information on the same screen.

  • New features

Of course, the Carbon Edition is not only evolving in terms of ergonomics. It also offers new functionalities:

  • loss due to sail change in routings calculation
  • instruments interfacing to 10 Hz
  • Sailect drawing graphics interface on all ranges

… Plenty of new features that will make all the difference at sea!


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ADRENA adopted by the Vendée Globe

As Official Provider of the Vendée Globe, ADRENA equips the Race Management Team to let them prepare press scrum as well as briefing sessions for skippers while ensuring their safety.

As on the last edition, Adrena is proud to supply 100% of the competitors and we would like to thank them for choosing us!