ADRENA Version 10

More performance and safety for the First Range

The AdrenaFirst range is integrating new functions to allow better performance and safety at sea.

  • Regarding safety, ADRENA is willing to make your navigations always safer and to do so is adding an Alarm menu including three settable safety alarms: AIS, arrival on coast and mooring.
  • Regarding performance, the currents data are from now taken into account in all calculation (departure line, laylines, time to waypoint, routing…).


More multimedia for the Standard Range

The roadbooks can now be enriched with pictures like synoptic winds or currents, by overlaying them on the chart.
It will also be possible to integrate images directly on the chart.
To improve data exchanges with the GPS, ADRENA is from now open to new waypoint, route and track file extentions and integrates the GPX files in the Standard range.


A more powerful and performing routing in the Range Pro

New functions, coming from ADRENA’s work with Volvo Ocean race navigators and French Olympic team, came up in the Pro Range, especially in the routing.
The function “create a video” in the routing menu enables to study in details the expected boat’s progression in the weather systems, to replay step to step, forward and backwards…

It also enables to know, on a leeward or a windward leg, what is the best side of the square and the time difference expected between the route « max on right side » and the one « max on left side ».

At least, thanks to the statistic Grib linked features, you can, in one single clic, compare the possible routes on several years and to extract statistics on wind and sails. Fantastic tool to prepare a transat or a world tour and to choose the sail clothes



The list of the main new features of Version 10 here.