For more safety at sea, all the ADRENA software offer an AIS alarm.

In the Range First, an Alarm menu includes three configurable safety alarms: AIS, Arrival on coast and Mooring.

As for the Ranges Standard and Pro, the alarm function offers more features. It is available in the menu: Setting>Alarms.
5 preset alarms are available and three of them are linked to safety:

  • AIS: A very secure continuous watch
  • Arrival near the coast (according to ground heading). Single-handed sailors will undoubtedly find it very useful. The coasts monitored by Adrena are those provided in the “SHOM coastlines” supplied as standard with the program. These coastlines cover the whole world but do not include all dangerous rocks.
  • Warning of a dangerous area ahead of your route defined in an active Roadbook (the area that you designed and set as dangerous in the Roadbook).

Two other alarms indicate the reception of an e-mail or a new competitor file.




The alarms warn you of any modification on the data read through the central unit and GPS or calculated from the software. They are both visual and audible. As soon as an alarm is set off, a message pops up and can be linked to a sound. 

Although it considerably improves safety, it is not an infallible tool. Sufficient watch should be kept under all circumstances!