Cowes Week, Solitaire du Figaro & Pacific Cup 2014

The Cowes Week waypoint list

Miles Seddon from Opposite Tack is so nice to share with us all the Cowes Week waypoints he entered into Adrena from the 2014 sailing instructions. You can find them here.

Please be aware that Adrena cannot be responsible for any error in the waypoints positions. We advise you to verify them.

Two Brits on the rookie podium of Solitaire du Figaro 2014

Pushing hard over the final 10 miles of the shortened 440-mile course, 2014 British Rookie Sam Matson regained three positions on the home straight – enough to see him cross the finish line 25th and third Rookie in the leg. On the overall leader board, Sam secured a superb 15th position overall in his first Solitaire du Figaro and second Rookie overall – a fantastic follow up for the Artemis Offshore Academy and British solo sailing after Sam Goodchild’s best of British result (11th) and Jack Bouttell’s historic British Rookie win in 2013.

Arriving in Cherbourg, Artemis 77 skipper Rich Mason was disappointed with his Leg 4 result finishing 28th. Realizing that he had taken the last spot on the overall Rookie podium, Rich soon had a smile back on his face.

(quote from Artemis website)

2014 Solitaire du Figaro overall results

1. Jérémie Beyou/Maitre Coq/12d, 19h, 39’, 22”

2. Corentin Horeau/Bretagne Crédit Mutuel Performance/12d, 19h, 57’, 18”/0h, 17’, 56”

3. Charlie Dalin/Normandy Elite Team/12d, 20h, 5’, 9”

15. Sam Matson/Artemis 21/13d, 1h, 0’, 57”/5h, 21’, 35”

22. Sam Goodchild/Team Plymouth/13d, 3h, 26’, 57”/7h, 47’, 35”

24. Rich Mason/Artemis 77/13d, 3h, 40’, 1”/8h, 0’, 39”

25. Jack Bouttell/GAC Pindar/13d, 3h, 49’, 48”/8h, 10’, 26”

26. Nick Cherry/Redshift/13d, 4h, 14’, 25”/8h, 35’, 3”

28. Henry Bomby/RED/13d, 4h, 40’, 40”/9h, 1’, 18”

34.  Alan Roberts/Artemis 23/ 13d, 9h, 47’, 18”/14h, 7’, 54”

36. Ed Hill/Macmillan Cancer Support/13d, 14h, 29m, 10s/18h, 49’, 48”


2014 Solitaire du Figaro overall Rookie results

1. Gwenolé Gahinet/Safran-Guy Cotten/13d, 0h, 8’, 38”

2. Sam Matson/Artemis 21/13d, 1h, 0’, 57”/0h, 52’, 19”

3. Rich Mason/Artemis77/13d, 3h, 40’, 1”/3h, 31’, 23”

4. Clément Salzes/Darwin – Les marins de la lune/13d, 4h, 43’, 34”/4h, 34’, 56”

5. Gwenael Gbick /Made in Midi/13d, 7h, 1’, 11”/6h, 52’, 33”

6. Sébastien Simon/Bretagne – Crédit Mutuel Espoir/13d, 9h, 47’, 16”/9h, 38’, 38”

7. Alan Roberts/Artemis 21/13d, 10h, 14’, 15”/10h, 5’ 37”

Congratulations’ to all of you!

Pacific Cup 2014, the fun race to Hawaï

We wish fun to our customers racing at the moment Pacific Cup from San Francisco to Hawaï, they had very light wind the first couple of days and they are now surfing to the promise islands.

Picture of the conditions encountered from Thirsty, the first 30 skipped by our Californian favorite contact, Charles Etienne Devanneaux.

Thisty, First 30 skipped by Charles Etienne Devanneaux

Good race to all of you!