Launch of new routing software for greener shipping

Adrena launches wen routing software for greener shipping

Adrena is taking a decisive step forward the maritime navigation of tomorrow by unveiling its brand new routing software. This innovation aims to optimize routes and energy use on board ships, by integrating various sources of energy supply. The recent announcement also highlights the story of eco-explorer Raphaël Domjan, who used an earlier version of this software to complete the first circumnavigation of the globe in a solar-powered boat in 2010.

Adrena co-founder Michel Rodet explains that the software has been designed to meet the needs of modern boats, which benefit from multiple sources of energy supply. Until now, it was not uncommon for navigation calculations to take account of only one energy source, such as solar panels. However, the new version of the software allows a variety of sources to be taken into account, including the use of sails, wind power and hydrogen.

According to Michel Rodet, the software is able to take into account various factors, such as the preservation of a solar-powered vessel’s battery, the speed to avoid areas of bad weather or the reduction in speed to take advantage of downstream currents. This flexibility is essential for efficient, eco-friendly navigation.

As part of this technological breakthrough, three emblematic vessels will be sailing with the software in the upcoming months until 2026. They include the solar sailboat ModX70, the floating oceanographic laboratory SeaOrbiter and the MS Porrima, formerly known as MS PlanetSolar. These real-life tests will put the new maritime routing functionalities to the test.

The aim of optimising the navigation path is clear: to maximise the use of favorable currents, optimal wind conditions and enough sunshine to reduce the energy consumption of ships. This approach can potentially lead to savings in the energy consumption between 10% and 30%, while considerably reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Raphaël Domjan, the eco-explorer who completed the first circumnavigation of the globe in a solar-powered boat, underlines the importance of this breakthrough for the maritime transport sector. He points out that maritime transport is responsible for three times more CO2 emissions than air transportation, and that it carries 90% of the world’s goods. Optimising maritime navigation therefore represents a considerable potential for reducing CO2 emissions on a global scale.

All in all, Adrena’s new routing software marks a crucial step towards cleaner, more efficient shipping. Ongoing tests on a range of vessels promise significant improvements in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.


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