MiniLogger and OFF Version

The Mini Logger is a true «black box» for a boat without on-board instruments such as the Mini 6.50 or Olympic classes

MiniLoggerIt saves a lot of navigation data (windspeed and wind angle, boat speed, heading …) which can be recorded and saved to a PC loaded with ADRENA software.

It is an electronic box weighting 90g, consuming 10mA and recording up to 2Go NMEA data on a SD card.

Two NMEA isolated input get automatically set and enable data acquisition coming from 2 different sources. One event input can be used to set sail change or boat’s configuration modification and one motor input can be used to avoid problems of wrong data records while using the engine.

The MiniLogger is sold with an “OFF” version of Adrena software, a version that is not connectable to instruments.


Functions linked to ADRENA software:

  • With Optima, MiniLogger users can create and work on their speed polars.
  • With Adrena, they can take stock of a training day or race, analyze all the phases of the course and also prepare navigation thanks to the Roadbook function and to RoutingPro.


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