MOB "Man Over Board"

The MOB « Man Over Board » function is available in each ADRENA navigation software.

The “Man overboard” function is triggered with the icon at the top of the toolbar (on the left of the screen) or via the menu “Tools→ MOB→ Activate MOB”.
When the MOB is activated, a waypoint is automatically created on the boat’s position, a special information window (heading and distance to waypoint) appears at the top right of the screen and an alarm is generated.




To increase team safety, all the ADRENA navigation software are compatible with SART-AIS beacons and “Man Over Board” transmitters.

  • Some detection equipment NKE and “Man Over Board Seabelt” for man overboard can be interfaced with Adrena through a NMEA connection. These devices trigger an alarm for man overboard on Adrena.
  • Also, if you have an AIS receiver and an AIS-SART transmitter that is picked up by Adrena, a procedure for man overboard will be automatically triggered. The position emitted by the transmitter constantly refreshes the position of the man overboard.