Multimedia in ADRENA

The ADRENA navigation software has been enriched throughout the years with multimedia tools (photos, videos, sounds…). Those tools enable to overlay images directly on the chart or to illustrate navigation by inserting photos or videos into the track…

Cmap Charts : Harbour pictures

 The C-Map charts offer a picture data base of the world main ports. They can be displayed with a right click on the chart in menu « photo ».  

Menu Photo

Port La Rochelle


When preparing for the trip, the navigator locates and annotates specific areas on the map: tidal eddies, coastal effects… those areas can be enriched with images like synoptic winds or currents by overlaying on chart.

 “As a navigator, it is a big research job to gather together all the pieces that will enable to elaborate strategies at sea: having the roadbooks with the currents or the wind expectation…”

Jean-luc Nelias, Navigator on board Groupama 4, Volvo Ocean Race winner 2011-2012


 Roadbook coastal effects and dangers in baie de Seine by J.Y Bernot 

And more, the roadbooks enable to overlay many kinds of images on the chart bringing additional information to the navigator. By using the roadbook creation toolbar, it is very easy to insert an image on the chart:

Toolbar RoadBook

Port du Palais

Satellite view of Le Palais harbour, Belle Ile en Mer



More than 100 data can be set : deviation from course, target speed, depth, wind speed… When they are activated, they emit a visual and audio signal and can even trigger an external program.



In the tracks, it is possible to synchronise multimedia data (photo, videos and sounds) in annotation form. Represented by small pictograms along the track, they gather information on the replay during the debriefing. It is possible to insert them manually or automatically, by adjusting the camera’s time to the computer’s one.



“Time referenced photos of the boat’s trim overlaid on the Adrena’s track gives an analysis of the way of trimming added to performance data.”

Tanguy Leglatin, offshore racing coach since 2005 in Lorient, France.


Photos, videos and sounds captured on deck or on tender boat, illustrate the tracks, roadbooks or trimbook to bring a more efficient navigation record.


Fore sail trim synchronised on a track


Swell behaviour around an island, inserted in a roadbook


Creation of a genoa roller trim annotation in a trimbook




Through the menu « chart », it is also possible to integrate images directly on the chart thanks to transparent layers.


Combined use of a layer on Groix island and multimedia annotations in a roadbook to indicate new location of “grands sables” beach

Chart meteo

Weather forecast chart displayed in transparency

Video creation on routings

The function « create a video » is useful in live to save some routing simulation and it is also a great tool in trainings to illustrate particular situations.

In routings, the video enables to study in details the expected boat’s progression in the weather systems, to replay step to step, forward and backwards…

OThe video can be stored for later work, comparison etc… with no need to relaunch a routing calculation.

For the trainings, it is a main pedagogical tool that enables to display and record the most interesting strategical situations.

“I use intensely the function « create a video » in my weather and strategic roadbooks to build a data base that will enable the competitors to compare the real situations to the reference situations with known characteristics.”

Jean-Yves Bernot, meteorologist, navigator, routeur