Navigate peacefully with Roadbooks

Navigate peacefully with Roadbooks

RoadBooks allow you to mark your maps by indicating particular events to watch out for as you navigate. These annotations are made up of zones or pictograms associated with a comment. Zones can be the subject of alarms (when you approach them) and prohibitions for routing.

What is a Roadbook?

An Adrena roadbook is like mark ups or comments that can be added to the map.

What’s it for?

These annotations can be used for a multitude of things, such as observations of coastal phenomena: a synoptic wind, a particular variation in current. Or an area that you don’t want to sail into: a traffic separation scheme, a poorly-charted area…

Why do they need to be prepared in advance?

The roadbook is typically the type of function in Adrena that you need to anticipate, like polar calculations or sailects. Comfortably seated in your living room, it’s easier to fine-tune these creations, which can be quite complex, rather than out when the sea is rough…


Follow the step-by-step guide in the manual and your Adrena will be enriched by your winter work!

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