New Features 2015

Version 12

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, Adrena is continually improving and enriching its software in order to respond to the most demanding expectations and to ensure safe navigation. 

SnMap Raster charts

ADRENA enlarge its cartography offer with SnMap raster charts from Scannav.

A raster chart is an electronic version of paper charts and is created by digitization and geographic  referencing.

This new offer is made from data provided by national hydrographic services.

It covers French coasts, Italy, Spain / Portugal, United Kingdom / Ireland and East Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde). Charts are updated once to twice a year.

Find the coverage SnMap charts here.

SnMap Chart

Pivot function available in RoutingFirst !

In order to avoid dangerous or busy areas, the use of pivot enables to impose to the routing a compulsory waypoint away from the high-risk area.

Thus, Adrena calculates a new routing through the chosen waypoint. 

New Routing in Range First


GRIB files request by email

Adrena integrates an interface with Saildocs and GreatCircle in order to allow Grib files request by email from the navigation software.

Thanks to this solution, there is no need to have an internet access offshore and the upload of weather forecast data can be done with a satellite phone at low price.

Predictions along the route

New options are available when displaying ADRENA’s routing along the route. On top of wind conditions, it is now possible to visualize very quickly current predictions, tide, wave and height of the total sea on each isochrone of the routing.

These display options offer a global vision of encountered conditions, which permits to analyze the calculated routings even more precisely. 

Predictions along the route : Wave

Wind stability: an advanced function of routing

This is an indication on wind stability between the beginning and the end of an isochrone. The more the percentage is close to 100, the higher the stability of the wind is in terms of strength and direction.

This function enables to visualize the stability of weather conditions and to see quickly if the routing is going through unstable weather.

Thanks to an overview of weather transitions encountered along the route, the skipper will be able to anticipate and to improve his vigilance as he gets closer to them.

Function of routing : Wind stability

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