New features for 2014

10 years of innovation integrated in Version 11

ADRENA is going on with development and innovation to offer always more performing software, safe and close to users’ needs. 

Free worldwide weather forecast directly available

ADRENA is integrating in its navigation software, a quick direct interface that enables free access to American agency’s scientific data: the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Where ever you are, you can load weather forecast GRIBS, based on the American model GFS, for all seas in the world: wind, pressure, humidity, air temperature, waves, Atlantic current, wind in altitude, ensemble predictions and historic GRIBS.

Once those files downloaded, it is possible to display them in the ADRENA navigation software and to use them in routing calculations.

Download NOAA Gribs

A speed polar generated in few clicks

Thanks to the VPP (Velocity Predicting Program) integrated into ADRENA, it is now possible to estimate the speed polars of a monohull sailboat according to some parameters: boat’s length, weight and sails area. The created polar will enable to use immediately the tools linked boat’s performance as laylines display, routing calculations…

This new feature is enriching the Optima software.

Based on theoretical data, it can also be used as a reference polar to substitute missing data when computing a real measured speed polar.

Data displayed on iPphone or iPad

All ADRENA data displayed on iPhone or iPad

Thanks to iDataNet app, all data calculated by the software can be sent by Wifi on iPhone ou iPad.

Different numerical data can be displayed at the same time on several devices. It enables every crew member to get the right information he needs at the right time on his own display.

10 years of innovation inside less than 2g

ADRENA comes up with a new Micro protection dongle to offer its users a lighter and smaller protection key.

Connected on the computer, it only sticks out 5mm, so breaking risks are limited. And more it easier to plug it on a tab protected by a waterproof bag and use ADRENA everywhere on deck!


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