New Partner & New dealer

OceanDrivers Academy & VMG Racing Electronics

We are delighted to welcome Carlos Freire, VMG Racing Electronics CEO & Gilberto Pastorella, OceanDrivers Academy Director.


OceanDrivers Academy

"Our Academy was born with the aim of filling the gap between developers/producers of technology for the sailing world and final users. The way to get sailors more involved and passionate about technology is to teach them and show them everything they can do with electronics and computers, how easily many things can be done, and what are the benefits. We are an itinerant academy that offers courses (online, in classrooms and onboard) at different levels to cover the whole range of people that are part of the sailing world: racers, cruisers, dinghy sailors, offshore navigators, coaches, race officers. The Academy works with the most important companies in the tech-sailing world, like Adrena, to be able to offer the students the best interactive courses focused on those technologies." Gilberto Pastorella, OceanDrivers Academy Director.

VMG Racing Electronics 

We are delighted to welcome Carlos Freire from VMG Racing Electronics as a new dealer in Spain. Experience, quality and personalized service are the pillars of VMG Racing Electronics. The team consists of engineers, technicians and navigators with extensive professional experience in racing boat electronics and computing. They have been working for the best teams for many years and are able to help you with your Adrena configuration.