NOAA interface

A simplified interface integrated into ADRENA navigation software offers a free access to the worldwide weather forecast provided by the American Oceanic and Atmospheric service: the NOAA.

Based on the American model GFS, the following data are available:

  • Wind force and direction: wind at 10 meters, at 80 meters², at 850 hpa², at 950 hpa² ;
  • Atmospheric pressure;
  • Precipitations;
  • Air temperature;
  • North Atlantic Ocean tidal currents (including Gulf Stream);
  • Data about waves1 coming from WaveWatch 3 model: swell (height, direction and frequency), wind waves (height and direction), total sea (height);
  • Global weather forecast2: evaluation of the weather forecast reliability;
  • Gribs history2: analysis of previous weather conditions on a same area or a same itinerary.

It is possible to choose the grib precision (e.g. 0.25°, 0.5° or 1°), the length of time (up to 16 days), the time step and the type of data to download. Files are established at 0h (12 p.m.), 6h (6 a.m.), 12h (12 a.m.) and 18h (6 p.m.).

1 Data available from Standard Range
2 Data available from Pro Range