Adrena First


packaging Adrena First

Racing with Adrena First

A strong decision-making tool for offshore race and windward/leeward course:

AdrenaFirst offers all features for planning the perfect start and assists the crew during the race by providing the right data at the right moment.

Sailing Offshore with Adrena First

ADRENA FIRST provides significant assistance for offshore sailing. The powerful routing calculation module calculates the best route from the following settings: date and place of departure, destination, boat speed polars, wind conditions (GRIB files) and currents.

It also takes dual routing – sailing and motoring – into account. Fuel consumption is estimated in order to anticipate the needs.

Prepare your cruise with Adrena First

What is the distance to the next mooring? How long will last the navigation? What heading should I take? What is the minimum depth to moore? How will turn the wind today, tonight?

ADRENA FIRST will not only help you access all those data but also offer many other functions like instruments calibration, weather Grib display, currents... Sailing has never been easier!

Key features


  • Touch screen mode
  • Waypoint and routes management
  • Global tide module
  • Calibration of instruments (log, compass and windvane)
  • Meteograms
  • GRIB files download online and by email up to 16 days
  • Chart compatibility: electronic vector charts (CMap MAX) and raster charts (SnMap, BSB)
  • NOAA, Great Circle, Predictwind, Navimail, Saildoc and Tidetech direct interface
  • Tide charts compatibility: SHOM, Proudman (+high resolution), Winning Tides (Solent)
  • MOB: alarm + man overboard tracking with drift calculation
  • Alarms setup: MOB, AIS, Sart AIS, coast detection and anchor alarms
  • Logbook: position, wind, speed and observations


  • Competitors monitoring
  • Calculation of recovered time IRC/HN
  • Management of the start, windward/leeward and coastal route
  • Laylines calculation and display
  • Integration of the current in laylines and time to the marks


  • Calculation of optimum route while automatically avoiding coastlines
  • Routing in 2 clicks
  • Dual routing: sailing and motoring
  • Integration of tidal currents data in routing calculation
  • Routing of the competitors
  • Wind angle and speed limitation setup in routing calculation
  • Tableau récapitulatif du routage
  • Display of wind conditions to be encountered along the route
  • Compulsory waypoint (pivot on isochrone)

Tableau comparatif des principales fonctions Adrena


Touch screen mode usable on tabletsYESYESYES
Calibration of instruments (log, compass and windvane)YESYESYES
Waypoints & routes managementYESYESYES
Global tide moduleYESYESYES
Charts compatibility: electronic vector charts (CMap MAX) and raster charts (SnMap, BSB)YES (option)YES (option)YES (option)
GRIB weather files viewerYESYESYES
NOAA, Great Circle, Predictwind, Navimail, Saildoc and Tidetech direct interfacesYESYESYES
Download GRIB by internet and email up to 16 daysYESYESYES
Logbook (position, wind, speed and observations)YESYESYES
Tide charts compatibility: SHOM, Proudman (+ high resolution), Winning Tides (Solent)YES (option)YES (option)YES (option)
AIS anti-collision systemYESYESYES
Overlay of geo-referenced imagesYESYESYES
Data export in Google EarthYESYESYES
Backup / Restore software configurationYESYESYES
Alarms setup: MOB, AIS, Sart AIS, coast detection and anchor alarmYESYESYES
Custom alarmsNOYESYES
Roadbook with possibility to add visual annotations on the chartNOYESYES
Datagrams: data evolution along the route (currents, sailect,…)NOYESYES
Loading Historical GRIBS and Ensemble ForecastsNONOYES
GRIB NOAA automatic loadingNONOYES


Competitors monitoringYESYESYES
IRC / HN compensated time calculationYESYESYES
Management of the start, windward/leeward and coastal routeYESYESYES
Laylines calculation and displayYESYESYES
Sending calculated data to Iphone or IpadNOYESYES
Inertia and manoeuvres taken into account on the sarting areaNONOYES
Data averagingNONOYES
Management of a leeward gateNONOYES
Use of specific polars: start, navigation, performanceNONOYES
Polar modification in real timeNONOYES
10 Hz instruments interfaceNONOYES


Calculation of optimum route while automatically avoiding coastlinesYESYESYES
Routing in 2 clicksYESYESYES
Dual Routing: sailing and motoringYESYESYES
Integration of the current in routing calculationsYESYESYES
Routing of competitorsYESYESYES
Possibility to set up wind speed and angle limits in routingYESYESYES
Display of wind conditions encountered along the routeYESYESYES
Risk/delay assessment: inverse isochrones and isoroutesYESYESYES
Display of wind, current, tide and waves conditions encountered along the routeNOYESYES
Routing calculation on a coastal routeNOYESYES
Simulation of several routingsNOYESYES
Use of several GRIB files to calculate routingNOYESYES
Routing hypothesis: scanning of variablesNOYESYES
Risk/delay assessment: inverse isochrones and isoroutesNOYESYES
Statistics on routing: wind, sailsNOYESYES
Video creation on routingsNONOYES
Micro-routing on laylines: "best side of the navigation square"NONOYES
Multiple routings on historical GRIBS, ensemble forecastingNONOYES
Use of multicore processorsNONOYES
Loss due to sail change taken into account in routing calculationNONOYES


Real polars caluclation from navigation dataYESYESYES
VPP polar diagrams creationYESYESYES
Creation and modification of Sailect (optimum ranges of True Wind Speed and Angle for individual sails)YESYESYES
Performance analysis (VMG, target boat speed...)YESYESYES
Possibility to load tracks and correct themYESYESYES
Graph of data history: histographNOYESYES
Replay of recorded tracksNOYESYES
Multiple replay (several boats at the same time)NONOYES
Tracks analysis: statistics, speed tests...NONOYES
Polars calculation by configuration (sails, keel, ballast)NONOYES
Polars comparisonYESYESYES
Graphic and digital modification of polarsNONOYES
Best configurations tableNONOYES
TrimBook: settings recordNONOYES
Integration of external data in the trackNONOYES
Data exchange with external software (Sailect, segment)NONOYES
Loss analysis when tacking, gybing and during a manoeuvreNONOYES
Graphic display of weather history along the trackNONOYES