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Discover Adrena Navigation Software in video 


Discover Adrena Navigation Software

Adrena offers three ranges of software aimed at performance analysis and navigation. They meet the needs of boaters, sailors and Offshore Racing skippers.


Adrena for every occasion and each profile of navigation

Thanks to its 3 ranges (First, Standard and Pro), ADRENA provides a complete and progressive offer that fits any racing level to satisfy the amateur through to professional teams alike.

Range First,
Cruising and Occasional Racing:

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Aimed at cruising enthusiasts and navigators who like to take part in occasional racing, the range is based on a simplified version of Adrena Range Standard by offering a straightforward and easy-to-use option.





GammeStandardRange Standard, Navigation and Regular Racing:

It is aimed at navigators and keen racers who want access to powerful research tools.

It offers multiple features for greater precision and highly accurate routing. While racing, your Adrena becomes a true advantage for decision making.


Range Pro,Navigation and High-Level Racing:

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It is designed for professional navigators looking for a complete solution offering the highest and most detailed performance.
The additional functions of the Pro version are here to answer every possible requirement and are capable of integrating with your yacht’s polar charts via Sailect software.

Adrena software main functions table available here