Set sail with Octopus, Adrena new software for smart cruising

Dedicated to voyage and cruising, Octopus is a complete, effective and unique “ready to sail” package.

It is aimed at cruising enthusiasts looking for a tool especially developed for their needs no matter their level or requirements.

Multiple tools developed to ensure comfort and safety

Intuitive and performant, it benefits from ADRENA expertise and provides a significant assistance for anticipation, comfort and safety along the navigation thanks to unique functions:

  • Graphic module for mooring assistance
  • Route anticipation on the next tack
  • Assistance for real speed polar and sails use charts creation

A specific routing for cruising

Octopus provides unique routing calculation accuracy for cruising including:

  • Dual routing: sailing and motoring periods
  • Route analysis functions to choose the safest, the most comfortable or the most economical in terms of fuel consumption
  • Night navigation taken into account in the routing
  • Graphical display of day/night navigation periods
  • Real polars calculation from navigation data

Intuitive and easy to set up, Octopus provides an appropriate solution for cruising by offering more serenity and anticipation to the sailors while ensuring a high-secure navigation.

Public price: 1253€ (incl. VAT) without charts

Octopus Main Features table