Tablets revolution

There happen to be a real “plus” on board !



Even if navigation dedicated tablets exists since about ten years, the last ones are really less expensive, with a definitely better autonomy, they offer polyvalency and good day visibility. Today the market offers WIFI tactile screens that can duplicate the computer’s screen and from which it is possible to manage the computer. To do so, the only thing to do is to download a remote desktop software and to connect the screen and computer via WIFI thanks to an antenna.


Criteria to take into account to make the good choice of screen are:

  • The day visibility
  • The waterproof
  • The availability of a remote desktop software
  • The battery autonomy
  • The screen size.


A non-exhaustive list of tablets:

  • The models CF-07 (obsolete) and CF-08 from the Panasonic Toughbook range,
  • The IPad,
  • The Androïd tablets (ASUS, ACER, SAMSUNG, HTC ARCOS…).





You will find here a comparative table of these different screen models.


PortraitBenoitsiteBenoît MARSILLE manager of ROM-arrangé, embedded computer specialist:« Today, my choice is going to the Ipad for sure specially for the quality of its day visibility, its price and its light weight! But the new Androïd tablets market has to be watched on. We might see soon some products with good visibility outside, which is not the case actually. And more they should be even more affordable than the Ipad, with an extractible battery and maybe even waterproof and shockproof.»


Source : Benoit MARSILLE manager of company ROM Arrangé, embedded computer specialist.