Sailor’s life

Portrait-GuillaumePresentation of your background ?

I have a quite unusual background! Before stepping into offshore racing adventure, i was a windsurfing competitor. At the same time, I worked to develop windsurfing businesses, for a French brand and then an American one. Time passing and thanks to some great meetings with navigators, I have discovered the offshore racing and it has become my passion.

I have always been close to the sea. Being a sailor became quickly an evidence.


How did you become a Sailor? (You fell into the magic potion when child?)

There is as many ways as navigators. The common point with all us is for sure the passion and the desire to succeed. Everyone reaches its goal going on its own tracks. For me, the sea is my playground since I was a little boy, I grew up in Brest. My parents are also passionate by sailing. From my youngest age, I used to sail with my family. This childhood on seashore was significant in my choice of becoming a sailor.


Typical sailor training week: body training, boat, weather, mental preparation…

Weeks are organised around the trainings, at least 3 days a week. Of course, it depends of the season, I sail less during winter than during summer for example. I have a regular physical training, at least 3 times a week to be in good shape. I also spend time with my sponsors. It is important to be close to its partners. And I also work a lot managing and building my actual and future projects. I also study the ability to improve the boat’s performance and the weather field.

Typical day or week when preparing a race.

When preparing a race, everything is accelerating, preparing the boat, appointments with medias, race organisation demands…you have to be really well organised not to feel overbooked and keep cool, concentrated on the race to come. I always try keep one hour a day for body training.

Sail sponsorship: assets? What are the difficulties when seeking a partner?

The assets are the values brought by sailing, for sure. Of course, you find the sport aspect, the performance but also the human side, the adventure that offshore racing is representing. Whether inside a company or for outbound communication, sailing federates, gathers people around a common project and the sailor makes people live its adventure by procuration. This humanity is quite rare in sports. Sailing is some of unique sport to offer this dimension. That is why I think that when crisis time is running, the sailing has great points to show..

What are your projects and goals for the next years?

IThere is one race that makes me dream more than the others: the Vendée Globe. My goal would be to enter the race in 2016. To reach this goal in the best way, I would like to enter the IMOCA circuit in 2013 and to race Route du Rhum, Barcelona World Race, and Transat Jacques Vabre.


The key steps to reach yours goals

Continuing my training and get always more experience. I am also looking for a long term main partner with who I could share my experience, my values, my adventure and create a confidence based relationship. It takes quite a lot of time, a sponsor is much more than a basic financial support.