The start of the New-York Vendée – Les Sables d Olonne with ADRENA software

The start of the New-York Vendée – Les Sables d’Olonne with ADRENA software

With the Vendée Globe just a few months away, the 28 sailors taking part in this non-stop, non-assisted, single-handed transatlantic race left New York at 8pm French time (2pm local time) on Wednesday May 29.

For safety reasons, the 29 IMOCA boats had to return to a virtual starting line some 100 nautical miles off the American coast. There will be no committee boat in the area.


2 systems were able to track the start in order to carry out a double check: the tracers used for race tracking and the ADRENA navigation software track.

Validation of the correct start was based on the ADRENA tracks sent ashore by the racers up to 3 hours after the start.

This function, developed specifically for the Fédération Française de Voile (French Sailing Federation), secures racers’ tracks, enabling race directors and referees to check the accuracy of the routes.

Present on versions 21, 20 and 19, this feature of the ADRENA software is used in situations requiring indisputable verification: compliance with exclusion zones, passing race marks, validation of a qualifying course…

Equipping 100% of the IMOCA boats taking part in the New-York Vendée, the ADRENA team was also on deck on Wednesday evening to watch the start of the fleet.

Have a good race!