The use of navigation software ADRENA by an offshore racing coach

Sailing is a sensations based sport: the glide, the trim, the weather…

That is why you can find so many different profiles for navigators, and some different manners to trim or to drive the boat. As a coach, you look for a way to build these sensations through various indicators: sight, hearing, marks and numbers.Everyone is unique and so is going to learn differently from the other one.

Adrena is used as a common tool, especially for group training, it enables two types of analysis:

–          The trim and performance

–          The route

1/ the trim and performance

Time referenced photos of the boat’s trim overlaid on the Adrena’s track gives an analysis of the way of trimming added to performance data.


Adrena offers the competitor to analyse his sensations or at least to compare them. An analysis is done thanks to the speed test tool or a Sailect for example, enable the skipper to validate a sensation or a boat’s attitude.

Adrena offers several ways to do analysis: comparison between segments or polars. It’s this diversity of entries that we use when training.

2/ the route

While training, Adrena’s track enables to measure the course track error or to see better the wind rotations, it also helps to confirm a coast effect from one side or another of an island or a cape.

I also use Adrena to analyse a direct leg, the loss linked to a big course error, or a compromise too high or too low according to the direct route. Once again, it is a work on feelings.

In offshore racing, the shape of the track according to a weather system is essential. When you prepare your offshore navigation, it is mandatory to analyse the routings calculations to understand the shape of the track. Thanks to the track‘s coloration and to the replay function, Adrena helps to find out the good arguments that will build the shape.

track's coloration

Here again, it is not a question of following the routing calculation but a question of understanding the shape of the routing and the tracks errors’ amplitudes to reach the weather system. The objective is to give the keys to decide. The difference between the prediction and the reality exists, for sure, but the shapes stay the same, and so, the skipper’s sensations are important. This is why it is really useful to work on the route on Adrena before departure to be able to realise it on the water.

Tanguy Leglatin

Testimony from Tanguy Leglatin, offshore racing coach since 2005 in Lorient, France.

He is training among others:

  • Figaro : Vincent Biarnès, Adrien Hardy, Thomas Ruyant…
  • Mini : Gwénolé Gahinet, Bertrand Delesne…
  • MOD70 : Sébastien Josse (Gitana) et Jean-Pierre Dick (Virbac-Paprec 70)