The downloading interface of Tidetech Gribs is fully integrated into Adrena..


Tidetech provides tidal current data covering more than 25 areas in the world with a resolution from 100m to 6km. It also provides ocean currents data on different levels: worldwide, regionally and locally.


To be able to use the Tidetech Grib files, first subscribe (two days, one month, six months or one year) on their website Tidetech. The downloads are unlimited during the subscription.


To access to Tidetech interface, call menu “forecast > current > tidetech”




There are 2 different ways to select zones :

  • Select a preset area

Some squares are displayed on each area available in the world. The available areas are linked to the subscription you chose. Move the mouse over the chosen area. It will be highlighted in yellow and its name will come in the yellow area of the toolbar.Once the area displayed, do a left click on it, it will turn into orange and will be ready to be downloaded.



  • Select an area with a square

Selecting an area with a square enable to select a part of an area (if you have first selected an area) or several areas at the same time (if do not have selected any area before).

Click on the iconTidetech_ZoneLibreand then drag a square on the area(s) wanted with the mouse.



Once you have chosen the area, you can specify the duration of the files to download. If you do not specify anything, the file will be loaded from the actual time until the end of the file. Be careful, when selection is covering several areas or parts of areas, the duration might not be the same on every file, in this case the durations will be taken on the longest file.

Then click on the icon Tidetech_Telechargement.

If several areas are concerned by the download, a window will open indicating all the areas concerned. You can limit the download of some areas by unchecking the unwanted areas.


Then the files will be downloaded, the Tidetech toolbar will be replaced by the forecast one and the Gribs will be displayed on screen.


For more information, visit :

Details and fares availables here.