Volvo Ocean Race


They all spend great part their time eyes glued to their ADRENA software screen!


  • On shore during the preparation of the race for the analysis and comparison of different sources of weather, the permanent adjustment of polar, Sailect and speed, the best test configurations, performance analysis, routings……


  • At sea, in front of the computer, for routing, performance monitoring, meteorological analysis, anticipating changes sailing through Sailect, monitoring and routing of competitors…


  • Back on shore for the debriefing thanks to the Replay feature and the tools for track analysis.


ADRENA provides them with tools for decision making and performance routings. It is certain now that victory is played between the helm and the chart table. And the battle for the final victory is tight because they are still 4 (on equal terms regarding their navigation software) to be able to win !

Groupama70ADRENA is not only providing almost all of the fleet but is also an Official Supplier of Groupama sailing team, first French ship engaged since 1993 in this coveted race. France has won one time the race thanks to victory of Lionel Péan on board “l’esprit d’équipe”.



The 11th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, it is 10 countries, 9 stops, 8 months of race and 6 boat racing!

A crew race of more than 39 000 milles around the world with stops, every boat embarks 11 people on board: 10 sailors & a media man.

The Volvo Ocean Race, formerly called Whitbread, started from Alicante (Spain), on November the 5th and with end up in Galway (Ireland) on next July 7th.

A stopover in France takes place from 16 June to 1 July 2012 in Lorient. At this occasion, ADRENA will be present in the village on the Brittany Ocean racing business network stand.

We wish all navigators and teems, fair winds and sea for the final stretch. The best man win!