AIS function

With an AIS receiver connected to the onboard PC, Adrena software guarantees safety when sailing.
The AIS (Automatic Identification System) function continually monitors the various vessels transmitting in the area, which makes sailing safer, particularly in dangerous areas or when sailing in fog.
It is possible to validate an AIS alarm by selecting «AIS» and specifying the safety distance.




Key features:

  • NameType of vessel
  • MSSI number
  • Status (under way, using engine, at anchor, in port, etc…)
  • Course over ground (bearing and distance)
  • Distance to the point where it will come closest to your position.
  • Alarm Display to advise you whether a boat will cross in front or behind you.
  • Alarm to alert you to collision course (Range Standard and Pro)

More information about AIS function.