Departure !

Departure is critical moment while racing inshore on coastal or windward leeward loops.

The Adrena navigation software offers all the essential information to build its departure strategy and manage the best departure.

The Adrena prestart functions are easy to use, visual and very complete. They enable precise and quite plot of the marks, a graphical vision of the situation and sophisticated calculations taking into account inertia and time of rotation of the boat in order to get an accurate time to the line.

Plot the line

Plotting marks

The box to plot the line (and the windward mark) enables to place the buoys when passing through, to type their position when known or to set them from one to each other (windward mark according to committee boat for example).

It is also possible to top them at any moment thanks to the keyboard keys (F7 for the leeward mark, F8 for the pin buoy and F9 for the committee).

Set the timer

The warning signal and preparatory signal can be set.

 Several buttons in the course tracking toolbar and in the plotting marks box enable to start them. It is also possible to shift the timer to the closest minute or the type it manually.

Set the timer


Representation of the line

During prestart, you can visualize the line (horizontally on the screen), your position and the different laylines.

Representation of the line


The relevant informations

Relevant informations

 You can set the data you want to display on the right side of the screen (standard range) or all around the screen (range pro). These information can be chosen among an large list of data (up to 50 possible choices in range Pro).

Times to the line and to the marks are displayed in minutes and seconds to reach the target. In range Pro, you can also display them as “time to burn”; that is say the margin remaining versus time before departure.

In both case, cursors allow to get very graphic information so you know if you are tow early or too late. 

Force the wind

The wind data measured by the CPU during departure are very reliable (boat’s move, competitors); usually, the wind data are forced during this procedure. To do so, you can either type yourself the wind data, or top it on the CPU when you think it is reliable to do it (boat stable away from competitors).

Force Wind and current

As soon as you have forced the wind, it will be locked automatically during pre-start.

The current data can also be forced the same way. It can also be calculated, not with the CPU measures, but from theoric models if you have them.

Safe start area

The « Safe Start area » (safety area) is the area in which you should stay to reach the line on time (if conditions are stable). The green area represents a starboard departure, the red one, a port departure.

The area is getting smaller following the chrono to disappear at departure time. If you are out of this area, only a stronger wind or a general recall can save you.

Safe Start Area

Time to the line and to the marks

The software is displaying the time to reach the line and the marks according to the wind, the current and your polar diagrams.

Calibration functions 

In Pro version, the software also takes into account the time of rotation and acceleration. To fill the specific tables of your boat, you can use the calibration functions that will calculate after few speed tests, automatically the data values. It can be done either while sailing or back to shore thanks to the replay function.

Calibration of inertia and rotations



In Pro version, the different possible trajectories are analyzed: direct, with a tack, with a jibe or going through the layline. They can be displayed as well as the time needed or the time to burn.

Different possible trajectories

The pink trajectory is the one that enables to reach the line the fastest (here with a tack).


Departure downwind or reaching

If departure is not given beating, Adrena will manage it automatically. Remind just that the marks to top as a committee is the mark located on the right of the line whether departure is given beating, downwind or reaching.

All the possibilities have not been presented here. You can discover them in Adrena manual (range standard) or in TactiquePro (range Pro).

Prestart strategy with Charles Caudrelier’s explanations here.