AIS functions and MOB


ADRENA has integrated in the Adrena and AdrenaFirst range two new functions to increase safety at sea and to make your navigation still safer.

From now the Adrena navigation software are compatible with, among others, the SART-AIS location beacons and the “Man Overboard Seabelt” transmittors.


  • Some rescue equipments (McMurdo AIS-SART or the research and rescue AIS transmittor) send AIS message to advise presence of shipwrecked person requesting assistance. As soon as such equipment is detected by Adrena, it is displayed on the chart with flashing icon. Heading and distance to the rescue AIS mobile is authomatically  displayed.
  • Some man overboard detection system can be interfaced to Adrena thru an NMEA connection. Adrena is compatible with NKE and “Man OverBoard Seabelt” from Globe Electronics equipments. They set off a man over board alarm on Adrena software.