OptimaPro – No cartography included

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This advanced tool is used for Sailect creation, tracks analysis, data reading and collecting as well as polar charts calculation.

OptimaPro software + dongle



A thorough analysis of your data

It has advanced features in many areas, for example managing your Sailect, data collection and analysis, course management, calculating polars. It enables to precise the records for a deeper performance study.

Analyzing the speeds according to every sail, drawing the Sailect charts, incrementing keel position or ballast filling, everything is possible through OptimaPro.

Polar charts creation

Polar calculation takes into account the boat configuration (sails, keels, ballasts…) given by the crew during navigation. Data analysis determines the most performant configurations.

Every polar file computed from these calculations can be compared and modified by overlay.

Sailect®, sail usage chart

Sailect ® files provide the software with sail range chart. for each wind force and each angle, data are analyzed and can be displayed on live or used as predicted information.

Optimization of performance in different scenarios

It is possible to make recordings in a given configuration of navigation: position of the sails, position of the appendages, how full are the ballast tanks, the type of crew… It can highlight each scenario of navigation based on a calculation of polars according to a range of variables.

The goal is to replicate the best configuration, its effectiveness or the best performance to refine the analysis.

Route analysis, advanced management

The “Speed Test” and segments enable to analyze a particular section of a track in fine detail. Thanks to “Speed Test” function, it is possible to compare two sections of a track very quickly. It is also possible to divide your tracks into separate segments and to place them in a Collect file. Then, the table of segments is useful for comparison and analysis of the data.

Management options for the display of a track (color, filter thickness, management of course boundaries) enable you to highlight a data set both for on-shore analysis and for decision-making while sailing.

Additional information

PC Configuration

PC running under Windows 7 or 8 or 10 ('Ready for Windows')


1024X768 minimum

NMEA Connexion

NMEA 0183 connexion via port COM, USB or network

USB Slot

Dedicated USB slot for the dongle

DVD Drive

DVD drive for software and charts installation

Graphic memory

256 Mo min


1,5 GHz mini / 2 GHz recommended

Free disk Space

2 Go mini / 6 Go recommended

  • Touch screen mode
  • Calibration of instruments (log, compass and windvane)
  • Polars calculation from automatic recordings
  • VPP polar diagrams creation
  • Import and reading of sails range charts (Sailect)
  • Performance analysis (VMG, target boatspeed…)
  • Graph of data history: histo-graph
  • Replay of recorded tracks
  • Multiple Replay (several boats)
  • Tracks analysis: statistics, speed tests…
  • Sailect creation and modification (sails usage charts)
  • Polars calculation by configuration (sails, keel, ballasts)
  • Polars comparison
  • Graphic and numerical modification of polars
  • Table of the bast configurations
  • Trimbook: setting notebook
  • External data integration in the track
  • Data exchange with external software (Sailect, segment)
  • Analysis of loss when tacking, gybing and during maneuver
  • Graphic display of weather history along the track

Functions Table

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