Sailect® function

This is an exclusive function totally integrated into Optima. Developed by Adrena in cooperation with North Sails France, the sailmakers, Sailect® is managing the display of the sails ranges.
It is very simple to use, continually telling you whether your sails are suitable for the current wind conditions, and anticipating the best sails to use on the following tacks.
The study of the Sailect into Optima software is helping the navigator to express his/her feedbacks and wishes to the sailmaker on reliable recorded data.


  • With Optima : once the Sailect is integrated, the navigator can see at any time the adapted sail configuration to wear.
  • With OptimaPro : the Sailect can be drawn or created from a table. And more, some abacus can be overlaid for more data like heel or keel position.


Optima and its Sailect function offer a complete tool, reliable and performing; becoming essential for any navigator dealing with performance and route choice making.




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