Vendée Globe 2016 Safety / Assistance Pack

ADRENA provides a Safety / Assistance Pack for the Vendée Globe 2016.

The pack includes an ADRENA safety kit, a Vendée Globe special function (routing taking into account the loss caused by sail change), an assistance before the race departure…

For more details about the Vendee Globe Safety / Assistance Pack, it’s here.

Vendée Globe Special Function

Only available with the Safety / Assistance Pack.

 It gives the possibility to take into account the loss caused by sail change in routings


This specific function is only available for clients in Version 13 – Pro Range.
N.B.: In order to benefit from the function, some preparation work has to be done. Therfore, we strongly advise to order it as soon as possible.

CMap Coverage 

 Have you got all the charts for the Vendée Globe?

Current CMap Release is the Release 37 : you can order the missing charts or update the ones that you already possess.

For more details about the Vendée Globe CMap Coverage, click here

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