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Testimonials about Adrena Navigation Software


  • The AIS Tracking Function in Adrena



  • Discover the interviews of the navigators of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014 - 2015: testimonies about their use of Adrena navigation software!



  • Interview of Libby Greenhalgh (June, 2015), Navigator of Team SCA Women Ocean Racing, participating in the Volvo Ocean Race

  • Interview of Will Oxley (June, 2015), Navigator of Team Alvimedica, participating in the Volvo Ocean Race

  • Interview of Tom Addis (June, 2015), Navigator of Team Vestas Wind, participating in the Volvo Ocean Race 

  • Samantha Davies, crew member of Team SCA Women Ocean Racing, participating in the Volvo Ocean Race in 2014-2015 (july, 2013)
  • Will Oxley, navigator on board Camper for the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 (june, 2012)
    "Adrena is new but has features particularly helpful for us"..."it is essential to me in the offshore race that I do"
  • Tom Addis, navigator on board Puma for the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 (june, 2012)
    "I use mainly Adrena, the routing algorithm is the one that I really trust"..." Adrena is my main source"
  • Josh Hall, race Director of Global Ocean Race 2011-2012 (april, 2011)
    "we use Adrena monitoring the boats' safety very closely"
  • Stan Honey, winner of Jules Verne Trophee on board Groupama 3 as navigator (june, 2010)
    " Franck (Cammas, editor's note) introduced me to Adrena and we used it.../... I was really impressed"
  • Samantha DAVIES (UK), skipper of IMOCA 60 Roxy, Transat Jacques Vabre 2007
    The goal on Roxy is «100%» - we use Optima software to record the boat's polars. Also, it shows our current speed as a percentage relative to the optimal speed of the boat. The goal, of course, is to always be 100%! »
  • Thierry Douillard, member of routing cell and performer on board team SODEBO
    « We also use a lot Optima for all performance validation of the boat : polars, sail choice... »
  • Armel Le Cléac'h, skipper of IMOCA 60' Banque Populaire
    « On Banque Populaire, we used OptimaPro to draw the boat's Sailect, it is the sail chart ! we also use it to compare the speed..."
  • Gilles Chiorri, race director of Solitaire du Figaro – Eric Bompard Cachemire 2012
    « It is a very complete software including a performance feature that answers the needs of the performer and of the sailor that want to have a powerful tool to manage their navigations."
  • Jean-Yves Bernot, meteorologist, navigator, routeur
    « I use intensely the function « create a video » in my weather and strategic roadbooks to build a data base that will enable the competitors to compare the real situations to the reference situations with known characteristics."
  • Using a navigation software to get ready for sailing in Mini 6.50 by Giancarlo Pedote.


  • Jean-luc Nelias, Navigator on board Groupama 4, Volvo Ocean Race winner 2011-2012
    « As a navigator, it is a big research job to gather together all the pieces that will enable to elaborate strategies at sea: having the roadbooks with the currents or the wind expectation...."


  • Adrena in Olympic training with Paul Iachkine.


  • Adrena on board Mini 6.50 with Guillaume Le Brec : The Use of the MiniLogger.


  • Debriefing at Pôle France Finistère Course au Large : Part 1. Explanations by Pierre Dombre, trainer.

  • Debriefing at Pôle France Finistère Course au Large : Part 2. Explanations by Pierre Dombre, trainer.

  • Prestart strategy with Adrena on Groupama 4 : Charles Caudrelier's explanations.

  • The variables' scan explains by Roland Jourdain


  • Roland Jourdain explains his using of alarm function

  • Adrena on board M34 Courrier Dunkerque in training, by Erwan Le Roux.

  • Wind Statistics : Roland Jourdain emphasizes the importance of this function of Adrena software.


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